Feb 072012

I bought my first Macintosh from the Texas Union Microcenter on one of my last days as a student before graduating from the University of Texas. Recently I came across some price lists from March of 1988 with the prices for Macs and related hardware and software, no doubt brought away from one of my many browsing visits as I dreamed about having a computer of my own instead of having to trek over to the college labs to use their Macs and print to the shared laserwriters.

If you were in the market for a Mac back then the prices may not astound you.  For the rest, well now you’ll understand why I had to take out a loan from University Federal Credit Union to bring home my first Mac SE with two 800K floppy drives, an external Jasmine 20MB hard drive, 2400 baud Practical Peripherals modem, ImageWriter II, surge protector, and box of form-feed paper.

UT Microcenter Mac prices, 1988, page 1

UT Microcenter Mac prices, 1988, page 2

UT Microcenter AppleCare prices, 1988