May 032010
Mac SE SuperDrive

Mac SE SuperDrive

My very first Macintosh was a Mac SE, purchased in December of 1988 from the University of Texas Student Computer Store. Even with my student discount I had to take out a loan from the University Federal Credit Union to pay for it. My SE came with two internal 800K floppy drives, no internal hard disk and one MB of RAM (later upgraded to 4 MB). My accessories included a Jasmine 20 MB external hard disk, an ImageWriter II printer, and a Practical Peripherals 2400 baud modem.

Recently I purchased a Mac SE to add to the ClassicMacs collection. This one is slightly newer, since it has a SuperDrive (a floppy drive that will read/write high density floppy disks and an internal hard disk).

When I reviewed the price list for the SE models available when I bought mine I quickly remembered why I bought the one with two 800k drives – the one with an internal 20 MB hard disk was priced $800 higher!

As I recall the external Jasmine 20 MB drive was $400, so I saved $400 by going that route. My Mac came with an early version of System 6 and would have to wait until May, 1991 before System 7 was released.

I’ll keep you updated on the addition of the Mac SE to the collection. I think it will be a System 6 machine to remind me of how I started out.

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