Dec 172011

For lovers of Apple products both old and new, there is a new web site with beautiful photos and videos for you to enjoy. Created by Jonathan Zufi of Atlanta, the Shrine of Apple exists to “…  showcase the entire spectrum of products that Apple have sold to the public since 1976 – every product Apple Inc has ever produced, in the highest quality and definition possible.”  These are not the same PR pictures you’ve seen for years on dozens of different web sites – they are original, capturing every detail and nuance, and the quality is top notch. Check out their profile of the PowerBook 100 to see for yourself.

Take a moment to check out the Shrine. It’s just starting out so the collection is far from complete but it will be fun watching the site grow to include more and more Apple products. I am especially eager to see a System 7 retail box and its contents added since my first job at Apple was as a System 7 support specialist.